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"Use no way as the way..." Bruce Lee (Founder of Jeet Kune Do)

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Jeet Kune Do

Original Mixed Martial Arts


Lineage of Masters

Jun Fan + Kali = Jeet Kune Do
Why choose Us?

Sijo Bruce LeeFounder of Jeet Kune Do

The Way of the Intercepting Fist.

Why choose Us?

Sigung Dan InosantoBruce Lee’s premier disciple.

JKD & Filipino Kali Master.

Why choose Us?

Sifu Dwight WoodsUMAA’s Chief Instructor

The original Miami Jeet Kune Do instructor.

UMAA Training

Kicking, Punching (boxing), Trapping and Grappling plus skills in Weaponry.

Jun Fan Martial Arts

* Jun Fan Kickboxing. * Jun Fan Gung Fu (Wing Chun Kung Fu)

Filipino Kali/Eskrima

* Double & Single Stick, Sword. * Stick & Dagger, Sword & Dagger, Long stick & Short Stick. * Double & Single Dagger. * Empty Hands - Kicks & Knees, Punches & Elbows, Trapping (Limb Immobilization), & Grappling (Throwing, Sweeping, Takedowns).

Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

* The Art of Eight Weapons - Punches, Elbows, Knees, & Kicks.

Jeet Kune Do Associated Disciplines

* Boxe Francaise-Savate (French style Kickboxing). * Japanese Jiu Jutsu. * Japanese Shootwrestling (Shooto). * Combat Submission Wrestling. * Brazilian Ju Jitsu. * Indonesian Pencak Silat/Dutch-Indonesian Pentjak Silat. * Filipino Kuntao Silat. * Malaysian Bersilat.

Junior Jeet Kune Do

Unified Martial Art offers kids' self-defense classes in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do for youngsters aged 7 to 13. This is the place to discover how your child can use martial art as a vehicle for his or her personal growth and development.

Teach Your Child Self-Defense Against Bullies, How To Get Good Grades And Keep His/Her Room Clean… Guaranteed!!

Martial Arts for Women

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes (97% female students) incorporate martial art and fitness training techniques from Bruce Lee's repertoire as well as modern day fitness.

Perfect for getting fit, losing weight, and self-defense.

Martial Arts for Men

Jeet Kune Do classes at UMAA focus on self-defense skill training from JKD and its associated disciplines like Filipino Kali, Boxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing.

Learn the best way to fuse styles that work for you.


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