The Pharaoh

"Born to bless the stage in this age of rap / where the art of hip hop is under attack" The Pharaoh from "Rock the Crowd" Dawn of the Emcee is the first solo Hip Hop project from former lead vocalist of Council of the Sun (Hip Hop Drum n' Bass band 2000 - 2004). The Pharaoh projects a cinematic approach to the Art of Hip Hop. Engaging his audience with lyrical & physical energy. The "Dawn of the Emcee" mixtape songs weave club, social, & motivational themes on layers of music production by high caliber producers like AraabMuzik, Hit Boy, Flux Pavilion, & Wild Fyre.

At an early age, a love for music and dancing grew into a creative force from within. After countless dancefloors and a new respect for moving the crowd, The Pharaoh began to emcee and cultivate the art of lyrics and sound. The best way to describe his style of emceeing (rapping) is cinematic. Capturing the music's energy and emotion with his royal flow.


DAWN OF THE EMCEE | Episode One - Summer 2014


Super emcee on a super journey | I'm vocal with the magic elusive with the stee.

The Pharaoh


Official Mixtape Tracklist includes :

Instagram On - Production by HIT BOY

Let It Flow - Production by ARAABMUZIK

I Can't Stop - Production by FLUX PAVILLION / ZEDEK DJAH

Find A Way - Production by ARAABMUZIK

Rock Rhymes - Production by BOI 1DA

Say What U Mean - Production by ARAABMUZIK

Rock The Crowd - Production by WYLD FYRE

DAWN OF THE EMCEE | Episode One - Summer 2014

I love the message this artist is sending out. The bass is awesome and the artist uses great choice of words. The rhythm is very good. The artist has great potential for becoming an artist I would buy his album. Great song. I believe this artist has a wide variety and potential in his future

ReverbNation - Crowd Review of "Let It Flow"

Nice introduction, very exciting. The vocals are amazing, very strong and distinctive. The lyrics are very rhythmic. Nice beat. I love the digital effects it brings the song together. The arrangement is very professional. I can definitely see this song playing in clubs all around the world. Very talented artist.

ReverbNation - Crowd Review of "Instagram On"

Love the rinse out in "I can't stop." Not a huge fan of modern hip hop but this track hits the nail on the head. Nice mix, well produced, and the rapper is smooth and flowing with out all that annoying synth voice that everyone uses these days. I'd listen to this again and would love to hear it at the club or on the radio.

ReverbNation - Crowd Review of "I Can't Stop"

Beat is tight, style good, first song from here that i will recommend to others. So hard these days to find rap that stands out, but this i feel does, catchy without being annoying. Production quality good, would actually like to hear it again. As well as more from this artist.

ReverbNation - Crowd Review of "Instagram On"

an unprecedented & ground-breaking return to the art of hip hop.

Dawn of the Emcee

if hip hop's dead then i'm resurrection | i smashed on the scene cause i drop that ton.

The Pharaoh


The Pharaoh official Youtube

Find A Way (Champion Sound)

Music by: AraabMuzik

The Pharaoh official Youtube

rock rhymes - official

Music by: Boi 1da.

The Pharaoh official Youtube

rock rhymes - 3d lyrics

Music by: Boi 1da.

The Pharaoh official Vimeo

sean paul - she doesn't mind remix

Music by: Benny blanco.

The Pharaoh official Youtube

Ne-Yo - let me love you remix

music by : stargate.


a new era in hip hop